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4 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

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4 Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

As the business world moves further into the digital age, customer service is more important than ever. The following four tips will help a company keep a personal touch while adopting new technologies and ways to communicate.

Be Personal

Many business only operate online, which can come across as impersonal and create issues with trust. This can be avoided by adding a physical address where the business may be contacted, reassuring people that the company will not vanish overnight. It is not necessary to obtain office space, but it does help if the company reaches out to customers in ways other than email or Facebook.

Be Available

When customers cannot reach a business when they need to, they will go elsewhere. A new company should be available by phone around the clock to solve customer service issues. People also place a high value on face-to-face interactions. Traveling to conventions and trade shows each year will put a face on the business as will quick coffee dates or video chats. A company's best and strongest relationships are with the customers it keeps in touch with on a regular basis.

Be Special

Nothing makes customers feel more valued than being treated as a VIP. Whether it is with a discount or an exclusive service, a white-glove approach makes people feel like they are being taken care of. Certain customers might even be willing to pay extra for the privilege, which adds to the bottom line. In addition, offering special deals to the existing customer base will make the company stand out, especially in a world where many offers are for new customers only.

Be Knowledgeable

While building great relationships with customers is a positive thing for a business, it also helps to offer or exchange knowledge in return. In some cases, a customer can be be better educated on a topic or product than the company is, which presents a chance to learn and improve the business. Trade shows are an excellent venue in which to present the company's goods and services in a way that standard marketing cannot and to personally state the benefits of each one.

A company is only as good as its customer service. Even though businesses can utilize social media and email to touch base with their customers, following the tips above will keep interactions personal, authentic and trustworthy.